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Koma Tutoring School

During Covid lockdowns there were no face to face classes. The kids in Gloria, Oriental, Mindoro were ill prepared for this. They had no gadgets to study, no help at home and were simply running around playing and wasting their precious education time. We therefore started the KOMA TUTORING SCHOOL. 


We have two qualified teachers in this school - Anna May Agoncillo and Ferry Perez. 


We currently have 32 students. Children of our labourers, our house beneficiaries and tribal children. Our teachers give them the much needed extra help that they so desperately need. We also provide them with snacks, juice and computers to work on their assignments. 


We heard from the school that the tribal children often don’t bring lunch and are left hungry all day and so we started to cook lunch for  them in KOMA house no 24. The house is a minute’s walk away from the school and the kids run there during their lunch time. The woman of KOMA 24 receives a salary for her services.

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