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26 Philippine Tribal Families Now Have Access to Potable Water

A big big news from . We managed to get water for the 26 tribal families up on the mountain! When I went to Philippines I had a chat with the pastor of the tribals and he said they have no water or electricity. They collected rain water in buckets and or went all the way down the mountain and brought water up every single day. They have been going to the govt for years for this. I immediately said this sounds like a project cut out for us!

No vehicles go up the mountain so we had to carry all equipments up but that didn’t deter anyone. We requested the govt to sponsor the pump, they waded through bureaucracy and finally we had the pump, then I asked Roma Wadhwani Chandiramani if she would sponsor the rest and she immediately said yes. We drilled in the river and installed a huge pump. We then piped all the way up to the top of the mountain where we put a huge tank and pumped the water into it and today we have water!

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