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A New KOMA Home: Sheshadri

We built KOMA 28 out of the money from my latest one woman comedy show. Thank you Jameson Gong for parting with your share and acknowledging the work I put in to make this 2 sold out shows.

This house was named after my father in law, SHESHADRI. He was there when I needed a parent, away from a parent. He seemed to understand my fears and anxieties of being this young girl who had never been away from home. He bought me my favorite sweet when I cried, he waited for me at the train station, when I was late home from work. He tried to just be there, quietly. He was a kind gentleman who passed away before i got close enough to be my exuberant huggy self with. But I know for sure he will bless this home with abundance.

We decided on this family when we fell in love with the girl, Prious Miles Perez, (our tutoring student) in the pictures here. She drew a broken family/heart as her family pic for our benefit gala(Her mother left her when she was little ). She stole our hearts then. I am pretty confident she will grow up to do us proud.

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