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A Year-End Celebration at KOMA!

To add a meaningful touch to the year's conclusion, we provided two laptops to the deserving children of our laborers. It's truly uplifting to discover that one of the girls harbors aspirations of becoming a lawyer! We distributed 25kg rice bags and 20 packers of noodles for another 54 families tribal families. We also did a feeding for another tribal group. We then had a New Years party for our labourers, families, volunteers and team. Lots of games, prizes, food, drink and dancing! All this in the last 4 days of the year!

2024 will hopefully be full of wonderful adventures for me as well as for KOMA! I hope I can bring in more interest, love and of course finances for all the projects. Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting us with as much love as you have! Happy New Year from KOMA to all of you!

Thank you to my team and volunteers as well

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