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Benefit Gala for KOMA

August 10th

This event will by far be one of the best of my memories. Not only because we had a dream team, but also because it was all heart, just what KOMA is!

Candice Adams and Lisa Rehak decided to celebrate their birthdays by organising a fund raiser at The Aftermath. A big thank you to both you girls

Candice, Lisa and Parvesh worked tirelessly to put it all together while I cooked for 75 people, which was a first for me. There was entertainment, a photo booth, Henna, home cooked food and auctions (both silent and live)….we had it all! Amazing friends and our families made this a hugely successful event.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came along and made this such a fun and rewarding evening. Thank You Ravi Kanth Gunisetty for the beautiful photos.

Aug 22nd

The money we collected from the Benefit Gala is enough to build a two bedroom home, provide a laptop for a deserving child and pay her boarding fees for 3 months as well as providing school supplies for 100 children! We have already provided the laptop and boarding fees to the girl who has just started her study of agricultural engineering with a full scholarship. We have distributed school supplies for 2 sets of tribal children (30 more yet to be distributed). We also distributed groceries to a single mother family. Their mother works in the city as a helper and the grand mother takes care of the children.

Here are the heartwarming pictures. This really puts into perspective how far money can go and what we can achieve together!

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