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House No. 30 Completed: Nenelia's Dream Home Brings Joy Amidst Heartache

House no 30 is ready. This was very special as it was a part of the fundraising organised by the WiTR+ (women in travel and Retail +). As part of the fundraiser, Victoria's Secret kindly donated money and so this house is called KOMA 30 - VICTORIA'S SECRET 1. (They picked the colour:))

The woman of this house, Nenelia Justiniano, was very excitedly waiting to move in. Just a day before the move in, she had a stroke. We rushed to the hospital to see her and waited for her to come back home. She came home but could not talk anymore. She gave us a big, beautiful smile and a thumbs up when she saw the house and we gave her the keys. She slept in her new house for 2 days, but on the third day she had another stroke and passed away.

Yes it’s very sad but I am also happy that she got to sleep in her new home before she left us. I think for her, it was a lifetime of happiness in those two days. God gave her two extra days   Thank you to WiTR+ and Victoria's Secret for this. Hope we, at KOMA, made you proud!

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