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KOMA Founder Visit

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Gloria Oriental Mindoro…1.5 flight to manila then 3 hours in the car to Batangas, 2 hours on ferry to Calapan and 2 hours to Gloria. That’s how long it takes to get to where we have all our work.

Day 1 we went to our school, met our teacher, kids. So much excitement among all!

Afterwards we walked up the mountain to our newly built Church and typhoon shelter. The pastor had made sure the entire tribal village was present. Even though they have so little to eat themselves they bought us some food, also coconuts and fruits which they have to sometimes live on. The pastor made a speech, I made a speech, Sally spoke. There was lots of clapping, tears and laughter. My labourers had also joined us. I distributed the Oreos and other chocolates I had taken for them. After this very emotional get together we set out to see all the new houses we built since my last visit.

And if day 1 wasn't emotional enough! Day 2 was lots of tears laughter and bonding! I met the department of trade and industry to discuss giving a market to all the beautiful sustainable products made by our beneficiaries. Also met the principal of the school to get permission to hold workshops for sustainable menstruation. We then visited the land we want to develop into community housing. It was so good to go there with our labourers in tow.

We then held a big party for all of our beneficiaries in the resort we were staying in. What a night that turned out to be! We made speeches, cried laughed and bonded. All the families brought lots of food as their contribution!

Our labourers announced that they will participate in the local basketball tournament as KOMA BOYS.

That's the KOMA I want us to always be. A tight knit family that takes care of each other.

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