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KOMA Karanth x BamPads Workshop

When I met Sakshi V. the founder of BamPads I was amazed at her passion to bring reusable pads to those in need. We decided to collaborate. BamPads gave a workshop to our team at a month ago. We then collected the pads donated to us by them and gave our first workshop to 19 tribal girls this afternoon.

BamPads! Period workshop is a safe haven where participants not only gain knowledge about periods but also break the stigma surrounding menstruation. It was an interactive session meant to empower our girls with knowledge and freedom to express their fears and experiences with menstrual health.

It was a very successful and very interactive workshop. The team of BamPads in HK watched our team deliver the workshop as well. We could conduct this workshop to many more young girls in our area in the Philippines through our team as and when we have donations for more pads.

Thank you to my team who are always open to my ideas and follow through with great diligence and enthusiasm:) This is our first foray into sustainable periods and will definitely not be the last.

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