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New Year’s for KOMA

Updated: Jan 10

What a year 2023 has been for  We wanted to end the year with a bang! 

Firstly there was the founders visit. 

Day 1 in Gloria Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. (Well, day 2, but yday was an all-day journey to get here) We had bought loads of Oreos biscuits, chocolates, etc, but also made a trip to the local supermarket to get noodles, sardines, etc. We packed all the sweets for the children and went to the KOMA school first with some donuts. Danced with our kids there, and after the team assembled  the bikes that I had ordered online, we went up the mountain to the KOMA church/typhoon center. There was much excitement with the bikes, the sweets, and the noodles. We also distributed some clothing. 

Thank you, Tracy Ross , for sponsoring the bikes! It was so much fun to give them!

Day 2 

And that's a wrap. The last day is always emotional for me. We made more goody bags for another set of tribal kids and made Noodle bags for them. This set live in far worse conditions than the others we help. There is no water for kilometers and pretty unbelievable circumstances. 

We then went to see house nos 26,27 and 28. We also went to the land we will buy soon. In the evening, we had the most epic Christmas party with team KOMA and the volunteers. The pics and videos say it all. 

I needed this to feel empowered and continue all the hard work. Thank you Allan Hepburn for your constant support. You are truly a KOMA boy:). It was especially special to take my husband Upendra Rao  to see all that we are doing

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