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Victoria’s Secret & Co Donates to KOMA

When We started, little did I know that we would experience this kind of overwhelming support. Thank You WiTR+ for this amazing platform. You have given us so much more than money in this journey. We now have a new found confidence to work with. Thank you Victoria’s Secret & Co. for the generous donation of 12000 usd. We have totally raised 34000 Euros! The funds raised will build 6 homes and give 6 families the shelter they deserve.

Thank You to Sarah Branquinho, Gerry Munday for all the efforts in making this such a success. Women in Travel Retail+, big thank you for all that you do year after year for charities like ours! Tracy Ross, thank you for the nomination. None of this would have been possible without your first step of nominating us. The Moodie Davitt Report, a very special Thank you! Martin Moodie, thank you. Your unwavering support has been heartwarming!

Thank you Grant Pritchard for the beautiful photos.

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